About us.

Fly And Fun.

The Fly&Fun Team is part of the “Société des Ormes” company, which has the following activities

– different flights, including solo flights and flights in patrols.
– a school for training pilots to qualification on L39.

The camaraderie, the passion for aviation & the high spirits animate us every single day.


Its founder, Michel Soutiran, was the first pilot to fly an L39 in France more than 20 years ago, and he actively participated in its development and use!
He is also an instructor on planes and helicopters and an examiner.

Michel Soutiran.

The base.

Based at the Reims-Prunay airfield, Fly&Fun take advantage of the Champagne region to fly in an exceptional setting and share this common enthusiasm for aeronautics.


LFQA 171230Z AUTO 27004KT 190V360 CAVOK 25/13 Q1021

live view of the airfield
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