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The Fly and Fun Team

The members of Fly&Fun are committed to maintaining and operating three L-39 Albatros known for their performance and handling.

  • Identity


    7 000

    flight hours

    • 19 years of military career in naval aviation.
    • Aircraft flown: Super Etendard, F/A-18 (US Navy) Hornet and Rafale (Marine)
    • 500 landings including a hundred at night on 4 different aircraft carriers (Foch, CDG, Truman and JFK)
    • Leader of the Fly&Fun patrol since 2015
    • Head of the ATO L39, instructor and pilot examiner
    • Airline pilot at Air France
  • Identity


    12 000

    flight hours

    First L-39 pilot in France.
    He has accumulated over 12000 hours at the controls of many different aircraft.

  • Identity


    12 000

    flight hours

    • Air Force fighter pilot for 17 years on Mirage F1.
    • Airline pilot on Bae146 for an Irish airline (CityJet) for 2 years.
    • Airline pilot for AirFrance for 14 years on AIRBUS A320, A330.
    • Instructor (FI) for aircraft and aerobatics.
    • ULM pilot
    • 12000h of flight time
  • Identity


    20 years

    of experience

    Technical manager.
    20 years of experience working on Jaguar and Rafale in the armed forces.

  • Identity


    7 000

    flight hours

    • Glider pilot since the age of 16
    • Joined the French Air Force as a fighter pilot at the age of 18
    • Mirage F1 pilot at the age of 20
    • Participated in various external operations as an air defence pilot on the Mirage 2000C: Africa, Gulf War, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Official presenter of the Mirage 2000 at air shows for the French Air Force and Dassault Aviation at international air shows in 1996, 1997, 1998.
    • Air demonstration pilot in the Breitling patrol for 18 years on L39
    • Pilot in the Fly&Fun patrol since 2021
    • 7000 flight hours of which 2000 hours on L39

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