Live the fighter pilot experience !

 Accompanied by real fighter pilots who have flown on Rafale and Mirage, come and share the unique experience of a flight in a fighter jet.

Join our fighter fleet at Reims-Prunay airfield where our 3 L39 Albatros jets are based.

After the safety equipment check, you will attend a detailed mission briefing where the sequence of procedures and aerobatics will be discussed.

Let's go!

Some useful information.

 During a flight of about 30 minutes, you will have the opportunity to discover the region at low altitude and high speed before performing combat manoeuvres. Guaranteed sensations and an unprecedented immersion in the world of fighter pilots.

Our pilots, all of which are instructors, are able to offer you an introductory flight during which you can discover the piloting of this fighter aircraft.

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live view of the airfield
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